The Studio Club (Esplanade Studio Theatre)

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The Studio Club (Esplanade Studio Theatre)

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One thing is sure about any project from Montreal saxophonist Joel Miller. Each one is unique and shows a different side of this multi-dimensional musician.

Joel's latest project and recording invites the listener to journey back to this JUNO winner's roots to the comfort food of his musical journey. Pop. Miller reflects on the important role pop music has played in his development, and how jazz, for him, has wandered away from its original state of a 'current' art form.

He sees pop music as being a kind of companion, helping people deal with the things that they're going through. Although pop music is sometimes snubbed for being simple, Miller praises its ability to express a powerful range of emotions and ideas. With an eclectic group of Montreal musicians, Miller has integrated sounds of bluegrass, rock & roll, folk, and of course jazz.

Featured prominently on Dream Cassette is fellow JUNO winner vocalist Sienna Dahlen, whose voice soars above the textures in instrument-like flourishes and lines. But as eclectic as the group is on paper, the music here is still pure and unmistakably Joel Miller. Within seconds, Miller's choices make perfect sense, and genres are forgotten. This Canadian saxophonist has spent most of his life happily ignoring convention. Be it jazz, Latin, classical or pop, Miller fluidly crosses boundaries, fusing a tapestry of fragments into a new and unique sound. Miller's aesthetic is intricate and idiosyncratic, but the work sounds right. Singer Sienna Dahlen is the perfect foil for Miller; her emotionally enthralling delivery swirls together with Miller's tight arrangements in a confluence of oceanic current. Sienna is also a music educator, an instrumentalist and a composer of six albums of original folk and jazz music to date. She has toured her music extensively across Canada and abroad, worked on several international collaborations and has been a guest on several occasions with L'Orchestre National de Jazz de Montreal. And the combination will keep audiences engaged through musical lines that are accessible, yet compelling.

Joining Joel and Sienna are Francois Jalbert on electric and acoustic guitars, Jean Sebastien Vachon on acoustic piano and keyboards, Emile Farley on electric bass and Kevin Warren on drums and vocals.