Super T Aviation, Hangar 7, Medicine Hat Airport

$25 plus Esplanade S/C

Tickets available at the Esplanade and Tixx Central


Now in its fourth year, the dance party in the Super T hanger at the Medicine Hat Airport has become one of the most popular events at JazzFest! This year, we are offering a different twist to the dance experience from previous years and one we're excited about.

Combining a uniquely rich and powerful voice with an impressive stage presence, Lynn Olagundoye is earning the reputation as one of Canada's finest R&B / Soul singers. She is known to weave beautiful melodies through deep-felt lyrics, leaving audiences hanging on to every word she sings.

She is coming to set the Medicine Hat Jazz Festival ablaze with the Brothers of Okan. This high-energy ensemble links together diverse and remarkable talent, creating a fresh new sound, while drawing deep from musical influences including Afrobeat, AfroCuban, Reggae, soul and Funk music.

Have no doubt... This will be a party.