Esplanade Terrace (with the Studio Theatre as back-up)

$18 plus Esplanade S/C

Tickets available at the Esplanade and Tixx Central


After a fabulous reception last year, The Bow Djangos are back on the terrace! Calgary's own gypsy jazz ambassadors bring the flavour of the past into the here and now! Their hot swing and gypsy jazz repertoire derives from the music of the infamous Hot Club de France of Django Reinhardt and his modern-day contemporaries.

Founded in 2003, this gypsy jazz quartet offers a perfect balance of instrumentation and vocals. Their animated clarinet, dynamic acoustic guitars, rich melodic bass lines, and vocals in both French and English make this genre of jazz accessible to music lovers of all ages. Their energy is contagious! You'll have a hard time staying in your seat once 'la pompe' is unleashed!

Tess "the Countess" Bassie began classical piano training at an early age and went on to extend her musical study through a variety of genres and instruments. From folk to symphonic, banjo to bass, Tess has played and sung with such diverse groups as Baroque and Buskin', Take the Oy Train, The Satin Dolls, The Stray Dawgs, and The Bow Djangos. Tess is also a bassist with the Calgary Civic Symphony.

Cédric Blary first started playing clarinet at the age of twelve in his school band but it was a Benny Goodman recording from his dad's collection that really got him hooked. Since then, he has completed a BMus degree in Calgary and gone on to perform in a wide variety of musical settings. He can be heard on over thirty-five recordings with artists including Little Miss Higgins, Heather Blush, Tim Williams, Steve Fisher, The Travelling Mabels, The Bow Djangos and Jazz Winds. Cédric also sings bass with the award-winning acappella group, The Heebee-jeebees and is an active performer and instructor in and around Calgary.

Tristan Euzen is a guitarist and singer strongly influenced by the gypsy jazz musicians and French popular music of the 1930-1960s. Tristan joined The Bow Djangos in 2009 where he provides a solid swing guitar rhythm, rich melodic solos, and warm baritone singing in English and en Français.

Phill West started playing guitar at age six and now has created a thriving guitar teaching biz, "Calgary's Best Guitar Lessons". No styles and musical adventures are off limits, and Phill even has some heavy metal recordings under his belt. Besides sheer force of talent, Phill brings a valued entrepreneurial spirit to the band.

With a true hot club sound that swing audiences love, The Bow Djangos are welcome performers at dances, festivals, clubs, holiday and life celebrations. Their recordings Hot Swing and Gypsy Jazz, A Perfect Match, and Forward Into Yesterday have been featured on such radio/television programs as The Vinyl Café, A Time For Jazz, Tonic, A Room Full of Sound, and Hello-Bonjour Alberta.