Double Bill with Matt Savage


Esplanade Theatre

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Tim Tamashiro is a jazz evangelist. He is the host of Tonic on CBC Radio 2. He is a passionate believer in jazz as the ultimate music education and he also believes that the spaces between songs are as important as the music. Stories matter. Stories can make songs even more compelling.

Tim grew up in Blackfalds, Alberta. Being a Japanese kid in a small town presented both challenges and opportunities. Tim was "a different" by circumstance. That helped him embrace the fact that standing out from the rest of the world might be a good thing. So he was the kid who took up trapeze, unicycle and the role of class clown.

At home his family had a small brown parlour piano. Tim would plunk away at the piano figuring out songs of the day like "We've Only Just Begun" and the theme song to "M*A*S*H". His mom promptly put Tim into piano lessons. After six months of lessons mom and his piano teacher made the most important decision of Tim's life: to take Tim out of piano lessons. He was playing piano by ear and he loved it. So let's NOT push theory and heavy practice down his throat. Tim's love of music was left to roam free.

After two rewarding years at Red Deer College, Tim had cofounded a local rock band called The Mile High Club and started to work in music retail at HMV. Tim worked at a music store in Edmonton and sang with The Jump Orchestra.

In Calgary Tim sang with The Swinging Bovines and released his debut album, Wiseass Crooner. In 1999 he released Love at Christmas which he sold 20,000 copies of to La Senza Lingerie to sell at their stores across the nation. Tim has worked as an executive entertainer at events for business and world leaders. He has sung for prime ministers and royalty, including Queen Elizabeth.

Tim has been the host of CBC Radio 2's Tonic since 2007, serving as full time host six nights a week. At a jazz stream called Tamashiro's Tonic is available 24 hours a day. Tim loves to discover and support Canadian jazz talent. He performs with many of the artists he supports on the radio in cities and towns across Canada. The stories he tells in between songs are his secret sauce.

We welcome Tim to Medicine Hat for his first JazzFest performance! Joining Tim will be
Nobuki Takamen on guitar, Jeremy Coates on bass and Tyler Hornby on drums.