Welcome to Medicine

Hat JazzFest!



Starting as a grassroots community-based event, this festival embraces the culture and creativity of this booming community, known for their coffee, food and small-town vibe. Medicine Hat is unique as it is one of the sunniest cities in Canada, averaging some whooping 330 days of sunshine each year.

As a close-knit community, Medicine Hat embraces their fellow neighbour in a way not seen throughout most of Canada. Our venues allow you to stand mere feet from the performers, and in most cases, meet them after the performance. JazzFest so permeates the city, that for eight straight days, you can stand on the street corners, rooftops, parkades, patios or indoor venues and take in the same music, all with a distinct experience.

If you visit Medicine Hat, you might have a tough time leaving. The city's downtown area hosts an unparalleled fusion of historic brick buildings, locally owned cafés, quirky restaurants, a splatter of micro breweries and a smile around every corner. Downtown Medicine Hat is comprised by a mix of cultures, making it a new home for strangers and neighbours alike.



Visitors will want to take time to visit Medalta. This former ceramic manufacturing complex sits in the heart of the Historic Clay District and has recently been refurbished. This factory is now a state-of-the-art pottery museum, market and community center. It mixes the industrial past with the contemporary present in a way that can be only be found in a city like Medicine Hat.

Those looking to explore the urban centres will also love the Medicine Hat Progressive Cafe Tour, which visits half a dozen cafes and restaurants, all with their own unique mixes and caffeinated beverages. You'll visit locations like the succulent Station Coffee Co., the artistic Inspire Café, and the steamy Madhatter's Roastery just to name a few.



To burn off that caffeine, drop by the Visitor Information Center and snag a bicycle through their Borrow-A-Bike program. Hit the city's many sprawling bike trails including Echo Dale Regional Park, home to over 11,000 visitors each year. In fact, Medicine Hat has over 400 acres of parks to explore, so there's really no reason not to get out and visit them.




If you venture out of the city, you'll witness one of the country's most dynamic landscapes. There's the mighty South Saskatchewan River, which carved its way into prehistoric stone, miles of endless rolling prairie, and the towering Cypress Hills just a short drive away.

Much like jazz, life is better when you improvise, and Medicine Hat is the perfect place to try something new. This year the Medicine Hat JazzFest runs from June 17 - 24, and offers an unforgettable weeklong experience of music, food, and drinks unlike any other.

We hope to see you there!

Jace Anderson