What we’re doing to help you feel comfortable!

We’ve been listening to our audience and volunteers and supporters as well as gathering advice from a broad source of experts, and have worked hard this year to create a festival that feels comfortable and safe for as many people as possible.

  1. We’ve moved all of our shows outdoors! The terrace of the Esplanade serves as our home venue this year, creating an intimate space outside with a spectacular view of the river valley. The Super T Aviation Hangar 7 offers the option to sit inside the large space, or outside and be able to hear and participate equally from anywhere.
  2. Full refunds on tickets are available up to 24 hours prior to any given show.
  3. Full refunds on passes are available up to 5:00 PM Monday, June 20.
  4. You can sit as close or as far from others as you like while still engaging with the amazing artists. We have created areas at both venues for those who would like more space around them.
  5. We will have coloured wristbands available at our venues for your use if you choose. Green to indicate a readiness for close contact, yellow to indicate some caution and red to indicate you are there for the music, but wanting to keep a distance from others.
  6. If you will be in close proximity to others for an extended time, you are encouraged to wear a mask. This is your choice for your comfort and those around you.
  7. We will have complimentary masks available for your use at our venues.
  8. We encourage participants to be double vaccinated. We will not be checking vaccination status.
  9. We will have hand sanitizer stations available at our venues.
  10. We will be live-streaming many of this year’s concerts, so for those not yet comfortable with public gathering at all, you can watch online.
  11. We are doing all we can to create a safe, comfortable environment. There is only so much we can do however, and by attending a public event, there is always some risk involved. Use your own judgment and take what precautions you feel best for you and those around you.
  12. Above all we want to respect everyone, knowing that we are all in a different place when it comes to comfort with gathering, and that in all situations, we all extend courtesy and understanding to one another.
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